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4 January 2016
Last update 7 January 2016

What Do We Know About Platform-Based Work?

IG Metall, the Austrian Chamber of Labour, and Unionen call for collaborators in the development of an Atlas of Platform-Based Work. The Atlas will be a public website that collects research, data, and workers' perspectives on “platform-based work” such as paid crowdsourcing, online freelancing, and smartphone-based ride-“sharing” (i.e., Upwork, Mechanical Turk, 99designs, Uber, etc.). The aim of the site is to support informed public debate and policymaking and discover needs for research and software development that contribute to a fair future of platform-based work.

In the first release of the site, we aim to answer the following questions:

We invite workers, groups of workers, researchers, journalists, lawyers, workers’ organizations, platform operators, and any other interested individuals and groups to contribute to this project.

Working Materials

Our working materials are available online via Google Docs and as MS Word (DOCX) and PDF files. The MS Word and PDF files may not include all comments by project contributors and may be slightly older than the Google Docs files.

If you would like to collaborate but cannot use any of these formats, please post to the project mailing list or contact project coordinator M. Six Silberman at IG Metall (

How to Participate

To participate, please have a look at our working materials, then join the project mailing list and introduce yourself. If you are interested in editing a particular section, or would like to propose a section not yet listed, just say so.


Small amounts of funding may be available for workers, journalists, and researchers who wish to undertake new research or organize existing data. We may also be able to support applications for external funding.

Coordinating Organizations

IG Metall, the labor union representing workers in the German metal, electronics, steel, textile, wood, and plastic industries, is the largest labor union in Europe and the largest free union in the world.

The Austrian Chamber of Labour represents the interests of all Austrian employees. While the Chamber of Labour works closely with Austrian labor unions, it is not a union; rather, membership is obligatory for all Austrian employees.

Unionen is the major Swedish white-collar labor union. It is the second largest labor union in Sweden and the largest white-collar union in the world.



M. Six Silberman
Crowdsourcing Project
IG Metall Vorstand
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 79
60329 Frankfurt am Main
+49 (0) 69 6693 2324


Sylvia Kuba
Arbeiterkammer Wien
Prinz-Eugen-Straße 20-22
1040 Wien


Fredrik Söderqvist
Policy and Research
Olof Palmes gata 17
105 32 Stockholm

Please direct inquiries from outside Germany, Austria, or Sweden to M. Six Silberman at IG Metall.